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about us

In 1998 Darren Chowning ventured on his own and started Chowning Heating and Cooling. For more than 20 years now he has prided himself in providing quality customer service and technical knowledge at an affordable price for residential and light commercial heating and cooling service and installation. To this day we still abide by the standards that give us our motto "Better Service At A Better Price".

In 2014 we saw the need for quality gas inspections for home sales. We now work with 40 different home inspection companies and hundreds of real estate agents to provide more than 5,000 gas inspections per year. Our inspection procedures go above and beyond that of other companies to provide a quality inspection and service to our clients.

We are a family owned company and we treat all of our employees and clients like they are family. Give us a call and let us show you what "Better Service At A Better Price" is all about!


Frequently asked questions

  • How much is a Full Service Plan (maintenance plan)?
    Our Full Service Plan is $189 for the first system and $99 each additional system. Protect your home and give yourself Peace of Mind with our Full Service Plan. You will receive 2 maintenance visits per year, 15% discount on service call price and repairs, and priority service.
  • Our hours of operation?
    Our office is open 8am - 4pm Monday-Friday.
  • How much for a service call?
    A service call during business hours (8-4 M-F): St Louis Area= $105 St Charles Area= $90 An afterhours/emergency call: St Louis Area= $170 St Charles Area= $150
  • What is the cost of a gas safety inspection?
    Our gas inspection pricing varies depending on the home sale price: Homes with a sale price <$700k= $130 Homes with a sale price >$700k= $190 Multi-family homes (2-4 family)= $190
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